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What is Sunblock?

Up to 60% of thermostats are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the year, causing them to read a temperature up to 25ºF/14°C higher than the actual temperature in the room. The Nest Learning Thermostat's Sunblock technology automatically adjusts to direct sunlight so that Nest Thermostat reads and sets the correct temperature.

Direct sunlight can cause thermostats to think it’s much warmer than it actually is, which can make things very uncomfortable. The heater may not turn on in the winter or the air conditioner may freeze the house in the summer.

Sunblock uses the Nest Thermostat's built-in light sensor to track the sun’s patterns and its temperature sensors to detect the heat spikes that occur in direct sunlight. If the Nest Thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, it’ll also take into account sunrise and sunset info for your area. Sunblock then uses that information to set your Nest Thermostat to the correct temperature whenever it’s in direct sunlight.

When will Sunblock turn on?

When you first install the Nest Thermostat on your wall, Sunblock will start learning the sun’s patterns in your home. After a few days, Sunblock will be ready to turn on. If it senses that your Nest Thermostat is in direct sunlight, Sunblock will automatically activate.

Ambient light isn’t enough to trigger Sunblock, so you should only see it if your thermostat is heating up in direct sunlight.

When Sunblock is active, a little shining sun () will appear on your Nest Thermostat's display, where the Nest Leaf would usually appear. You’ll also see the Sunblock icon when looking at the Nest app.

Will Sunblock save me energy?

If your thermostat thinks it’s much warmer in the room than it actually is, it’ll run your air conditioner longer than actually needed. So Sunblock can help you save energy, especially in the summer.

How can I turn Sunblock on or off?

By default Sunblock is on for everyone, but you can turn Sunblock off in Settings. Go to SETTINGS > NEST SENSE on your Nest Thermostat, the Nest app or on the Web. Look for the shining sun. The Nest Thermostat will ask you if it should use Sunblock when the sun is shining on the Nest Thermostat. Select YES or NO to turn Sunblock on or off.