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What is Heat • Cool mode?

Heat • Cool will create a schedule that will switch automatically between heating and cooling on the Nest Learning Thermostat to keep your home within a preferred temperature range.

Heat • Cool switches automatically between heating and cooling to keep the temperature within your preferred range. This is useful for climates that consistently require both heating and cooling in the same day. For example, if you’re living in a desert climate and require cooling during the day and heating at night.

When you set a Heat • Cool schedule, you can program both heating and cooling temperatures for any given target temperature. In addition, Auto-Schedule will learn your preferred range and add target temperatures to your schedule just as it does when set to heating or cooling.

To turn on Heat • Cool, press the ring and go to MODE settings (the orange and blue dots) and select HEAT • COOL. To save energy, set a wide range between heating and cooling target temperatures.