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What is Airwave?

Airwave™ uses exclusive software algorithms running inside the Nest Learning Thermostat to automatically lower air-conditioning costs. Airwave only works in homes that have air-conditioning.

To understand Airwave, you need to understand your AC.

Your air conditioner is made up of two energy consuming parts: the compressor and the fan. The compressor uses a lot of electricity while the fan uses very little.

Many other thermostats keep the air conditioner running until your target temperature is reached, then turn it off. They ignore the fact that the compressor coils can generate cold air for 5-10 minutes after the compressor is off.

The Nest Thermostat's Airwave technology takes advantage of this fact. And it does so using exclusive Nest technology to turn the AC compressor off at the right time for your home.

How Airwave works.

Airwave turns the compressor off a few minutes before reaching your target temperature. It then runs the fan alone till it reaches the temperature you want.

What makes Airwave and the Nest Learning Thermostat special is its ability to learn exactly how much cooling can be done with the compressor off. The Nest Thermostat automatically shuts off your compressor at the right time to increase your savings without decreasing your comfort.

Will Airwave work in my house?

While Airwave requires the humidity level inside your home to be low, it works throughout the US - even in areas with high outdoor humidity. This is especially true if your home is relatively new and well-insulated.

When does Airwave activate?

The Nest Thermostat automatically turns on Airwave when interior humidity falls below a certain level. This level is calculated by the Nest Thermostat to be optimal for your home.

When Airwave activates you'll see it on the Nest Thermostat's display.

Can I turn Airwave off?

You can turn Airwave off in your Nest Learning Thermostat Settings.

To check the current status of Airwave on your Nest Thermostat, go to SETTINGS > NEST SENSE. Look for the blue swirl. Airwave appears with a check mark (✔) next to it when it is turned on, and with a dash (–) when it is turned off.

If you select AIRWAVE from this menu, you can turn it off or back on again.

Important note: Even if Airwave is turned on in Settings, it will only activate when the relative humidity level in your home reaches a certain level.