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Managing multiple Nest Learning Thermostats with one Nest Account

Once you have created your Nest Account and paired it with at least one Nest Learning Thermostat, you can add additional Nest Thermostats to your account. You can add Nest Thermostats that are in the same home, or create a second home in your Nest Account and add them there.

How many homes and Nest products can I manage with my Nest Account?



Nest Thermostats

10 thermostats total (divided between 2 homes)

Nest Protect

36 Nest Protects total (maximum of 18 per home)

Adding a second home to your Nest Account

To add a second home to your Nest Account, you can use the Nest app or the Web. The steps are the same for each.

Log into your Nest Account and tap or click on the menu icon to reveal the menu.

Select the Account icon at the top of the menu.

Next select ADD HOME

Give your home a name and save it.

Once you have added a new Home, you can now add Nest Learning Thermostats to that location.

Moving your Nest Learning Thermostat from one Location to another

When you add a new Nest Thermostat to your Nest Account, it is associated with the Home or Business location that you selected. To move a Nest Thermostat from one location to another within your Nest Account, you’ll need to remove it first then re-add it.

Follow these steps to remove a Nest Thermostat with the Nest app or on the Web:

  • Log into your Nest Account.
  • Select the house with the Nest Learning Thermostat you want to move.
  • Select the thermostat you want to move.

Now that you’ve removed the thermostat from your Nest Account, you can add it back in a new location. Just follow the “Adding another Nest Learning Thermostat” instructions in the section above.