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How to restart or reset the Nest Learning Thermostat

The RESET screen of the Nest Learning Thermostat SETTINGS provides several reset options. This articles discusses these options, what they do, and when you might use them.

There are some situations where you might want to reset your Nest Learning Thermostat and clear out some or all of the personalized settings and learning.

Restarting your Nest Thermostat is useful first step if it ever becomes unresponsive, has trouble communicating or connecting to the Internet, or is not working normally. For instance, if your thermostat hangs up during a software update, restarting will maintain all your settings, but will clear out the cache and memory.

Restart with the thermostat ring

You can easily restart your thermostat by holding down the ring for 10 seconds, or until the screen turns off. The thermostat is now shut down. To turn it back on and complete the restart process, press and release the ring. You'll see a blinking green light underneath the Nest logo as it boots up. The screen will turn on as it finishes.

Restart or Reset from the menu

You can also restart your thermostat from the RESET menu. In addition, you’ll have several options for resetting some features of your Nest Thermostat. If restarting your thermostat didn't help, resetting some or all of the thermostat data and learning may resolve the issues. Please see the table below for details on what resetting each feature will do.

To reset your Nest Learning Thermostat, follow these steps:

  • On your Nest Learning Thermostat, press the ring to bring up the main menu.
  • Turn to SETTINGS and press the ring again to select.
  • Turn the ring to RESET and press to select.


Selecting this option will restart your Nest Learning Thermostat without changing any settings.


When selected, the Nest Thermostat will reset everything that it's learned about what temperatures you like and when. All setpoints will be removed from your schedule and you'll start the Auto-Schedule learning over again from scratch, clearing your cooling, heating and Heat • Cool schedules.

You may want to do this if there has been a significant change in your schedule and you want to be sure that the Nest Thermostat learns that new schedule as quickly as possible.


If you’ve turned off Auto-Schedule in the Learning Settings, you will see Schedule as the first reset option (instead of Auto-Schedule). It will also remove all setpoints from your schedule.


Selecting the Auto-Away option from the Reset menu will remove everything that the Nest Thermostat has learned about how to tell when you’re home and when you’re away.

You may want to do this if you move and take your Nest Learning Thermostat with you.


Resetting the network information will remove your network password. This is useful if you've changed your network password and need to re-connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi. Once it's reset, go to SETTINGS > NETWORK. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the new password. Your thermostat will then connect.


Resetting your Nest Learning Thermostat to defaults will remove all your personal settings and learned data. It will also remove that thermostat from your Nest Account.

After resetting to defaults, the Nest Thermostat will behave just as it did when you first installed it. It will need time to learn about you and your home before creating your schedule and activating its energy saving features.

You should only need to do this if you’re moving and leaving your Nest Learning Thermostat behind.