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How is the Nest Learning Thermostat different from programmable thermostats?

Programming thermostats can be complicated and frustrating. That’s why a lot of people don’t program them. And an unprogrammed thermostat can waste energy. That’s why the Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself.

The Nest Learning Thermostat uses its unique Nest Sense and Auto-Schedule features to create a dynamic, comfortable schedule from the changes you make to the temperature in your home or business.

Auto-Schedule learns the temperatures you like and never stops learning. The schedule it builds is flexible and automatically adapts to your changing life. You never have to program it.

In addition, most other programmable thermostats will simply continue cycling through their schedule even if nobody’s home. The Nest Thermostat prevents the waste programmable thermostats can cause by automatically detecting when you’ve left and turning on Auto-Away to save energy.