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Can I put a Nest Learning Thermostat in more than one home?

When you put Nest Learning Thermostats in more than one home, you can control all your Nest Thermostats from the same Nest Account (each Nest Thermostat needs to be connected to Wi-Fi).

You can see all of your Nest Learning Thermostats in one Nest Account, even if they’re in different homes. Putting a Nest Thermostat in a second home allows you to view and control the temperature when you’re not there. Worried about the pipes freezing while you’re away? Just check your Nest Account to see the current weather and indoor temperature.

You can use a single Nest Account to manage two different locations with up to ten Nest Learning Thermostats.

With your Nest Account, you can set Safety Temperatures to ensure that the temperature stays within a certain range when you're away. And if you’re renting out your second home, put your Nest Thermostat into Away mode over Wi-Fi when renters leave, to save energy when the house is empty.

When you add a new Nest Learning Thermostat that is in a different zip code or postal code than your current Nest Thermostat, it will automatically be added to your account as a new location. Each home has its own location on your Nest Account. For each Nest Learning Thermostat, you’ll be able to view and change schedules, set Away temperatures and Safety Temperatures and change settings remotely. Locations don’t share learning data. What the Nest Thermostat learns at home during Minnesota winters won’t affect the schedule in your Florida condo.

For help managing multiple Nest Learning Thermostats from one Nest Account, see the article below.

Managing multiple Nest Learning Thermostats with one Nest Account