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Why is there a flashing green light on the Nest Learning Thermostat display?

A small LED on the Nest Learning Thermostat display will blink green when it's updating software or when the display and the base are communicating.

When the light blinks green, the Nest Learning Thermostat will be unresponsive and the display will be dark. In these situations, the Nest Thermostat is doing one of the following:

  • When the Nest Thermostat is updating software
  • During a restart
  • Immediately after the display is connected to the base

Typically, this will only last a minute or two. Once the Nest Thermostat display has established communication with the base, the display will turn on.

If the light continues to blink and the Nest Thermostat remains unresponsive for more than 5 minutes, try removing and reconnecting the display.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, contact our support team with the link at the bottom of this page. We’ll help isolate the problem.

Why is there a flashing red light below the Nest Thermostat display?