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What's new in the Nest Thermostat's 4.0 software update?

The Nest Thermostat’s 4.0 software update includes heating improvements, Quiet Time for humidifiers and dehumidifiers, integration with Nest Protect and time zone and weather support for ten European countries.

Heating system improvements

The Nest Thermostat’s 4.0 software update includes heating improvements for heat pump systems, dual fuel systems and multistage systems, and Quiet Time.

Improvements for heat pumps with auxiliary heat

The Nest Thermostat’s Heat Pump Balance lets you choose how much expensive auxiliary heat to use according to your preferences for savings or comfort.

What is Heat Pump Balance?

There are two improvements in Nest’s 4.0 software specifically for systems with Heat Pump Balance:

  • More efficient heat pump balance settings
    We’ve improved Balanced and Comfort settings to be even more efficient while still keeping you comfortable.
  • Pre-heating using multiple stages of heat
    The Nest Thermostat has improved pre-heating with heat pump systems so you get consistent heating regardless of the weather. Now, even if the weather is too cold to pre-heat with first stage heating, the Nest Thermostat will use small amounts of auxiliary heat to pre-heat your home.

Improvements for multistage systems

For systems with two stages of heat plus auxiliary heat, the Nest Thermostat will use less energy and still maintain your comfort. By activating second and third stages of heat separately, your Nest Thermostat can keep you cozy and avoid using expensive auxiliary heat.

Improvements for dual fuel systems

The Nest Thermostat is now smarter about when to switch between fuel types in order to better protect your system and provide more consistent heating.

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Quiet Time

Quiet Time is a brand new 4.0 feature for stand-alone humidifiers and dehumidifiers. With Quiet Time, you can set times when noisy humidifiers and dehumidifiers won’t be switched on, regardless of the humidity level in your home - so you don’t have to worry about being woken up at night, or interrupting the baby’s nap. Quiet Time can also prevent condensation by keeping humidifiers or dehumidifiers from turning on when it’s cold at night.

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Integration with Nest Protect

The following features are available if you also have a Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm installed in your home.

Automatic heating shutoff with CO alarm

According to the Community Environmental Health Resource Center (CEHRC), a gas furnace or boiler is the number one potential source of carbon monoxide (CO) in the home.*

CEHRC also Faulty heating equipment is the number one potential source of carbon monoxide (CO) in the home. So if your Nest Protect detects dangerous levels of CO in your home, your Nest Thermostat will protect you by automatically shutting off your heating system, if your system burns gas or oil.

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Estimated Non-Fire, Non-Auto Carbon Monoxide Poisonings by Type of Consumer Product Reported

Consumer Product

Average Percent
(207 Avg. Deaths)

Average Percent
(10,200 Avg. Injuries)

Heating System










Other or Unknown



Total Heating



Charcoal Grills



Gas Ranges/Ovens


Gas Water Heaters



Camp Stoves/Lanterns


Other or Unknown Appliance



Enhanced Auto-Away

Your Nest Thermostat and your Nest Protects will work together to determine when you’re home or away.

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International time and weather

The Nest Thermostat’s 4.0 software update also includes international support for weather, timezones, and daylight saving for the following countries (in addition to the U.S. and Canada):

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • U.K.

Customers in these countries will now be able to enter their postcode during setup, and the Nest Thermostat will automatically set the correct time zone and weather for their home. Both the Nest apps and the Nest Thermostat can be used in English, French and Spanish and use either ºF or ºC.

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