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What is Pathlight?

Pathlight briefly lights your way when you walk under it in the dark, then turns off again as you pass. It is similar to a nightlight, but only when you need it.

You don’t need to stumble around in the dark, use your smartphone as a flashlight or keep a night light on all the time. With Pathlight, Nest Protect senses when you walk under it in the dark and gives off a soft white light to help you find your way. After you pass by, Pathlight turns off.

Pathlight uses low-power, high efficiency LED lamps set for low brightness, so it’s easy on your batteries and won’t waste energy. If you have a Nest Protect (Wired 120V), Pathlight will not impact the backup battery life.

When does Pathlight work?

Pathlight will only be available if your Nest Protect is connected to Wi-Fi and associated with your Nest Account. During setup, you'll get a chance to set Pathlight on or off. We understand that not everyone wants a light coming on in their bedroom or the kids’ room in the middle of the night. So Pathlight is disabled by default for bedrooms.

To make it work more like a nightlight, we set Pathlight to come on in dark rooms or hallways. If there’s enough light to see, Pathlight generally won’t turn on.

Pathlight is sensitive to you and your pets. Nest Protect’s activity sensors are looking for anyone in the room — and that can include Fluffy. Just turn Pathlight off from the Nest app if it’s coming on when you don’t want it to.

How do you enable or disable Pathlight?

You can enable or disable Pathlight from the Nest app or on the Web at any time. Select the Nest Protect that you want to change, go to Settings and turn Pathlight on or off. Once complete, it can take up to 24 hours for the settings on your Nest Protect to be updated.

Pathlight is only available when Nest Protect is connected to Wi-Fi and paired with your Nest account during setup. In the event that you lose your Wi-Fi connection after installing Nest Protect, Pathlight will continue to work.

Even though I’ve turned out the lights, Pathlight hasn’t come on. Why?

Pathlight is designed to help you find your way when the room is dark. It takes a little while for your eyes to get accustomed to a darkened room, so we designed Pathlight to come on only when the room has been dark for a little while. That's why you won't see Pathlight immediately after you see a green Nightly Promise.

The built-in delay before Pathlight will activate is less than a minute, and it helps make Pathlight more effective.