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What is Nightly Promise?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because your smoke alarm was chirping? Nest Protect has a better way: Nightly Promise. Each night when you turn out the lights you’ll get a quick green glow which means the batteries and sensors of Nest Protect are working. It also means no dreaded chirps at midnight so you can sleep safe and sound.

Nest Protect constantly monitors its internal sensors, batteries and Wi-Fi connection. Nightly Promise lets you know the results of its self-monitoring.

When Nest Protect glows green for a moment as you turn out the lights, you know its sensor and batteries are working. You can sleep safe and sound.

If Nest Protect glows yellow, this means it has detected that something is wrong. Push the Nest button to hear its message:

What you might hear Steps you should take

Nest Protect batteries are low.

Replace batteries.

Learn more

There’s an issue with the sensors.

Replace Nest Protect now.

Learn more

Wi-Fi has been down for awhile.

Troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem.

You can also check the Nest app or the Web to view these messages from Nightly Promise.

What if I don’t see Nightly Promise when I turn off the lights?

Nightly Promise uses the ambient light sensor and will only turn on when the room goes from bright to dark. If you don’t see the Nest Protect light when you turn off the lights at night, the room might not be dark enough. Occasionally, if the room becomes dark quickly, Nightly Promise will come on during the day. For example, drapes blowing in the wind or shutters closing can cause Nightly Promise to light up.

If you missed Nightly Promise, simply turn the room lights on for at least 30 seconds, then turn them off again to see the Nightly Promise light. You can also review any Nightly Promise messages with the Nest app or on the Web.

If I see Nightly Promise on one Nest Protect, does that mean they’re all working?

Each Nightly Promise only applies to the Nest Protect you are standing beneath. Each Nest Protect will report its own status, and you can see a comprehensive account in the Nest app.

Can I turn off Nightly Promise?

You can turn off the Nightly Promise light from the Nest app or on the Web. Nest Protect will continue to perform its self-monitoring to ensure everything is working, but it will not glow green when you turn off the lights at night. If a problem is identified during self-monitoring (such as a low battery) Nest Protect will still tell you by glowing yellow and sending a message to the Nest app.