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Questions about Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Protect: Smoke + CO alarm? We've got answers, videos, and plenty of resources to help you out.

What is Auto-Away?

Auto-Away saves energy by reducing heating and cooling in empty homes. Instead of having to turn the thermostat down every time you leave the house (and back up when you return), the Nest Learning Thermostat turns itself down automatically when it senses that you’re away.

The Nest Learning Thermostat uses Nest Sense™ (an exclusive combination of sensors and algorithms) to notice when you’re away and when you come home. With Auto-Away, the Nest Thermostat turns itself down automatically when you're away to prevent heating or cooling an empty home. Upon your arrival, the Nest Thermostat will return to your regular schedule.

Why Auto-Away?

Auto-Away is useful for the many times you’re unexpectedly out of the house for errands, appointments and trips. With Auto-Away, you won't have to worry if you've remembered to turn the thermostat down. You can check your Energy History in the Nest apps a day later to see how much energy your Nest Thermostat saved when you were gone.

How soon after installation will Auto-Away become available?

After you’ve installed your Nest Learning Thermostat, Auto-Away will need about a week to tailor to your home. A notification on the display will appear when the Nest Thermostat has learned enough to start using Auto-Away.

When does Auto-Away activate during the day?

First of all, a Nest Learning Thermostat installed in a home won’t go into Auto-Away during the night time. This will only happen if your Nest Thermostat is installed in a business.

Secondly, when Auto-Away activates entirely depends on you. If you are very predictable in the morning, for instance, and are always out of the door by 8:00am to catch a bus, then Auto-Away will activate as early as 8:30am. But if you are sometimes at home in the morning, and sometimes not, Auto-Away may take two hours to activate when you’re not there.

If you see your Nest Thermostat going into Auto-Away when you're home, just press the Nest Thermostat to return to your normal schedule. This helps the Nest Thermostat learn. The Nest Learning will adapt how long it senses inactivity before it goes into Auto-Away based on what it learns from you.

Where can I choose my Away temperature?

During setup, you’ll choose the Away temperatures that the Nest Thermostat will use when it is in Away or Auto-Away.

You can view or change these temperatures any time in SETTINGS > AWAY, either on the Nest Learning Thermostat or in the Nest apps.

Will Auto-Away work if the Nest Thermostat is in an out-of-the-way place?

The Nest Thermostat won’t be able to learn Auto-Away for your home if it's installed in an out-of-the-way place where it can’t sense activity.

If possible, consider moving your Nest Learning Thermostat to a more central part of the house. And if you move a bookshelf in front of the Nest Thermostat after it's configured its sensors for Auto-Away, the Nest Thermostat will no longer accurately sense household activity. If this occurs, consider turning Auto-Away off.

You can turn Auto-Away off at any time by navigating to AWAY.

How does Auto-Away work if I have Nest Protect and/or multiple Nest Learning Thermostat in my home?

Nest Learning Thermostats and Nest Protects share activity information with each other to optimize when Auto-Away is turned on. For activity information to be shared, all Nest Learning Thermostats and Nest Protects must be paired to the same home in your Nest Account.

If one Nest product knows that you’re home, all the others will too. When you leave the house, all Nest Learning Thermostats will turn on Auto-Away together and will return to your usual schedule when any of them sees that you’ve come home.

Nest Protect (Wired 120V) works the same way as your Nest Learning Thermostats by sensing when you are home, when you leave and uploading this information to improve the performance of Auto-Away.

To conserve battery life, Nest Protect (Battery) will not automatically detect you and communicate with other Nest products in the home. It will still share information with your Nest Learning Thermostats about your habits and contribute to the performance of Auto-Away.

Will my pets affect Auto-Away?

In homes that only have the Nest Learning Thermostat, pets typically won’t affect Auto-Away. Nest Protects will see all pets, regardless of their size. This could keep your Nest Learning Thermostat from going into Auto-Away.

If you want to still use Auto-Away, you can disable this feature only for Nest Protects by following these steps in any of the Nest apps:

  • Log in to the Nest app
  • Open Settings for your home
  • Select Nest Protect
  • Turn Auto-Away off

To keep pets comfortable, homeowners with pets should select appropriate Away temperatures on their Nest Learning Thermostats. If Auto-Away mode is interrupted due to the presence of pets, users can set the Nest Learning Thermostat to Away mode manually, even if Auto-Away is disabled.

What if I want to set Away manually?

Set the Nest Thermostat to Away mode manually by choosing the AWAY option on the Nest Thermostat menu. When you select Away, the Nest Thermostat will go into Away mode immediately.

When you set Away mode manually, the Nest Thermostat will not return to your regular schedule until you take it out of Away mode by pressing the ring or on the Nest apps.