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Frequently asked questions regarding the Nest Protect safety notice

The latest information and answers to common questions regarding Nest Protect's recent safety notice to customers.

As of April 3rd, 2014, Nest Wave has been disabled on all Nest Protects.

During internal testing, we discovered that movements near Nest Protect that are not intended as a wave can be misinterpreted by the Nest Wave algorithm. If this occurs during a fire, this could delay the alarm going off. So, we have removed this feature.

Even with Nest Wave disabled, the Nest Protect alarm will continue to keep you safe at home, effectively monitoring for increased levels of smoke and CO. The updated version of Nest Protect remains listed by independent, third-party certification bodies, including Underwriters Laboratories and the California State Fire Marshal, according to their specifications.

Here are the answers to some questions that have come up:

Will Nest Wave be re-enabled?

Not at this time. Nest Protects sold on or after June 16 are fully functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and do not have the Nest Wave feature enabled.

How do I silence alarms?

If you get a Heads-Up alert for smoke or carbon monoxide, Nest Protect can still be hushed. Simply press the Nest button - we made it large, so it’s easy to hit.

Once smoke reaches emergency levels, Nest Protect can’t be silenced- by regulation in the US and Canada. Address the source of the problem, and Nest Protect will quiet down when the smoke level gets lower.

How do I find out what’s wrong with my Nest Protect if it glows yellow during Nightly Promise?

You can either push the large Nest button or check your app for status details.

If I have a Nest Protect and no longer want it, can I receive a refund?

If you don’t want to keep their Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm, we’ll give you a complete refund until September 30, 2014. Here’s the refund form.

More information about what happened

Which Nest Protects are affected?

This software issue affected all Nest Protect alarms sold worldwide. It does not in any way affect our Nest thermostat.

How many incidents were reported?

This is an issue we observed while performing laboratory tests. To the best of our knowledge, no customer has experienced this issue.

I purchased my Nest Protect before June 16th. What do I need to do?

If you purchased your Nest Protect on or after June 16th, you don’t need to do anything. Nest Wave has been disabled already.

If you purchased Nest Protect before June 16th, make sure it’s connected to your Nest Account through Wi-Fi, and our service will ensure that Nest Wave is disabled. You can verify that Nest Wave has been disabled by following these steps.

I own a Nest Protect, but it isn’t connected to the Internet. What do I do?

If your Nest Protect hasn’t been added to a Nest Account, follow these instructions to add it:

  • Download the Nest app.
  • Choose the Menu icon in the top right of the Nest app home screen.
  • Select “Add Nest Protect”. Follow the instructions in the app.

You can find complete steps here.

How do I connect my Nest Protect to Wi-Fi and my Nest Account?

If your Nest Protect has been added to a Nest Account, but it has lost connectivity, there are a few things that could be going on:

  • Check that your home Wi-Fi network is still connected to the Internet.
  • If you have Nest Protect Battery, check its battery level.
  • Remove wireless interference from other products that use a 2.4GHz wireless signal. Try moving or temporarily unplugging any cordless phones, baby monitors, and wireless video equipment.
  • Check the distance of the offline Nest Protect from your Wi-Fi access point.

You can find more details here:

Troubleshooting when Nest Protect is offline

What if I’m unable or don’t want to connect my Nest Protect to Wi-Fi?

If you can’t connect your device to a Nest Account through Wi-Fi, please call customer support immediately at 800-249-4280 (US and Canada) or 0808 178 0234 (UK). If customer support is unable to resolve your Wi-Fi connectivity issue, please discontinue use of Nest Protect and apply for a refund by filling out this form.

My Nest Protect is added to my Nest Account, but how can I tell if it is connected to Wi-Fi?

If you’re not sure if Nest Protect is connected to your Nest Account through Wi-Fi, launch the Nest app and select your device in the Protect view. It will show you the last time Nest Protect connected. If Nest Protect hasn’t connected to the Nest Service recently, you’ll see a gray circle:


Not Connected

Refund Information

If you’re interested in returning your Nest Protect for a full refund, click here for more information.


If you’re interested in a Nest Protect Credit, click here for more information.