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I’m going on vacation. What should I do with Nest to save energy while I’m away?

While Nest will turn down the temperature automatically using Auto-Away, put Nest in Away mode manually to save energy when you’re away on longer trips.

Auto-Away saves energy by reducing heating and cooling in empty homes. Instead of having to turn the thermostat down every time you leave the house, Nest turns itself down automatically when it senses that you’re away--and back up when you’ve returned. Auto-Away is useful when you’re unexpectedly out of the house for errands, appointments, and short trips.

For longer trips and vacations, put Nest into Away mode manually. With manual Away, Nest won’t return to your regular schedule until you end Away mode. That way, if a neighbor comes by to deliver your mail or walk your dog, Nest will stay in Away mode even though Nest senses activity in your home. You can set Nest to manual Away by choosing the AWAY option on the Nest menu or on your Nest Account or Mobile app. When you select AWAY, Nest will go into Away mode immediately. And if you forget, Auto-Away will still kick in to save energy while you’re gone.

You can choose the temperatures that Nest uses in AWAY mode during Nest’s setup or any time in Settings. Make sure to set Away temperatures that save energy and are also appropriate for your home. Nest will use the Away temperatures you select for both manual Away and Auto-Away.

What is Auto-Away