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How do I update the software on my Nest Learning Thermostat?

When connected to Wi-Fi, the Nest Learning Thermostat receives software updates automatically.

The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically updates its software over Wi-Fi within a week of an update being released.

In order to successfully download a software update, the Nest Thermostat has a few basic requirements:

  • Your Nest Thermostat must be connected the Internet.
  • Your Nest Thermostat's battery must be charged to 3.7 volts or higher. If the Nest Thermostat's battery has a charge of less than 3.7v when a software update is available, the update will begin once the battery has charged.
  • Your Nest Thermostat will only update its software when you aren't changing the temperature by turning the ring. Once the Nest Thermostat display turns off, the automatic software update will begin.

A Nest Account is not required for the Nest Thermostat to receive software updates.

You can find out what software version is installed on your Nest Learning Thermostat and the current battery charge in the Technical Info option in SETTINGS. To learn more, see the article below.

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