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Learn more about settings on the Nest Thermostat

In this article we’ll explore all the options available in the Settings menu.

There are several options available under the Settings menu that allow you to customize your Nest Learning Thermostat. To get to Settings, follow these steps:

  • Press on the ring to access the Menu.
  • Turn the ring to SETTINGS and press to select.

In Settings, just turn the ring to scroll from option to option. Press the ring to select the option you'd like to change. Here's a breakdown of each Settings option:  

Settings option Description

If you have a G-wire installed, you’ll see this option. Here, you can either set your fan to turn on automatically when your heating or cooling kicks in, or you can set it to be always on.


Use this feature to lock down your thermostat so others can’t adjust the settings (including setting a limited range for the target temperature) without entering a passcode. The Nest Thermostat does not automatically re-lock itself after it has been unlocked with the correct passcode.

Note: You need to have your Nest Thermostat paired with a Nest Account in order to enable this feature.


This sets your away temperatures for Auto-Away and manual Away. Heating options are between 40-70 degrees and Cooling options are between 76-90 degrees. You can also set them to off if you prefer.


This setting allows you to see which Nest Sense features are available for your system and which ones are enabled.


Allows you to set a reminder for when to change your air filter.


Adjust the brightness of the Nest Thermostat display (low, medium, high, auto).


Change when you want your Nest Thermostat's screen to turn on. You can set the display to turn on when you press the ring or when you approach the Nest Thermostat.


Turn on or off the sound the Nest Thermostat makes when you turn the ring.

ºF / ºC

Change the temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


You change the name of your Nest Thermostat to one of several default names, such as: Hallway, Living Room, Bedroom, Upstairs, and Downstairs. Scroll to the bottom to type to a name of your choice.


View or select your Wi-Fi by name and enter its password if needed. When you click NETWORK, you’ll see a list of all nearby Wi-Fi networks. You might need to go here if you get a new wireless router or change the password on your home network. Hidden networks can also be accessed by typing the network name manually.

If your battery is critically low, NETWORK will be disabled.


If your Nest Learning Thermostat is paired with your Nest Account, your account name will be displayed here. If it isn’t, visit the Nest Web app or the install the Nest Mobile app and create an account.

Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your new account with your Nest Learning Thermostat.


This displays your current LOCATION and you can also change it here. Note: your LOCATION needs to be set correctly for your time to be adjusted automatically.

Additionally, once you’ve connected to, the LOCATION is used to get your current weather.


The current date and time displays here. The Nest Thermostat gets the date and time information based on your LOCATION. If you change the LOCATION setting, your Nest Thermostat will automatically update the DATE & TIME.


The Nest Thermostat displays your wiring configuration here. If you press CONTINUE, the Nest Thermostat lists the equipment attached to your thermostat (i.e., heat pump heating, auxiliary heating, heat pump cooling, fan).

Any wiring errors that your Nest Thermostat detects will be shown here.

Selecting CONTINUE displays the following sub-menus depending on your system:

  • HEAT TYPE - Select the fuel source and heat type.
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  • HEAT PUMP - Configure your heat pump orientation.
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  • SAFETY TEMP - these settings ensure that your Nest Thermostat will heat or cool your home if unseasonably extreme temperatures are reached. Safety temps do not apply in OFF mode.
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  • PRO SETUP - Pro Setup is required to set up dual fuel systems (e.g. heat pump with furnace) as well as humidifiers and dehumidifiers.
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The Nest Thermostat is full of technology and the status of many of Nest Thermostat's under the hood sensors and features are listed here.

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This option lists legal disclosures for the Nest Learning Thermostat.


This option allows users to restart their thermostat, reset their schedule or reset all settings on their thermostat to factory defaults.

  • RESTART - Turn the ring to restart your thermostat without resetting any information.
  • LEARNING or SCHEDULE - Reset to erase the current learned or manual schedule.
  • TO DEFAULTS - Reset will erase all information including Nest Account, Wi-Fi network, and equipment settings.

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